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Gameplay Details

The PepemonGo ecosystem is created using AR and Mobile Geolocation to transmit a digital copy of Pepemons around the world where you may interact, train and develop your Pepemon.
Trainers can catch Pepemon’s by coming to spot where Pepemon are encounterable in the map view then simply tapping on it to enter the encounter screen. There are also Hotspots where Pepemon’s can be found and will allow you to take part in an activity that will allow you to fight other trainers along with fight ‘world bosses’. Hatching Pepemon is second way of obtaining your own Pepemon. To hatch Pepemon, The Trainer has to firstly get a PepemonGo Egg which can be purchased in our store for PepemonGo Tokens, then basically Trainer puts an Egg to an incubator and has to walk specified distance to hatch it.
As you purchase these Pepemon, the eggs will also allow you to integrate the ability to keep as an NFT which can also be sold via Opensea or any other platform, or take part in trading it on our PepemonGo Marketplace The Marketplace is where you can sell and buy potential Pepemon, this can be done using ETH or Pepemon (ERC-20) Tokens. The more rare and more specialized your Pepemon is, the more value it may be worth.
Pepemon NFT Integration. As you obtain and mint your Pepemon’s you will be able to take part in using these Pepemon in-game and hunt for other harder and difficult Pepemon’s alike!
PVP/Ranking System: Pepemon has plans to integrate a PVP system where you will be able to fight others in a matchmaking ranked system where you will have 5 Pepemon versus 5 Pepemon battle. The winner will be given either a collateralized Pepemon that you own or PepemonGo Tokens. This is decided between both candidates prior to match start.
PepemonGo Trading: Similarly to NFT ecosystem we will also have a Pepemon NFT Trading integration as to where you can trade your Pepemon’s with other members online, this will allow variety and a liquid ecosystem for Pepemon’s alike!