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The Team

Our Team is primary found in UK, America and UAE. We are specialized in programming, graphic design and coding alike.
Our main goal was due to the massive wave and influx to “Pepe” The Original meme which hit all-time highs of over 1 Billion are looking to integrate that with our main ideologies which is to integrate a real world crypto player to earn ecosystem where the masses will adopt. PepemonGo is the perfect solution and has been on in our mind to create something similar with crypto integration! This is when we termed the idea.
With our background experience and knowledge creating games we have decided to create PepemonGo. We are currently anonymous but will plan to reveal ourselves post launch. In terms of safety we have ensured to have a sustainable and reliable audit that protects the Pepemon’s integrity. Take part in a chance to win a legendary Pepemon by purchasing a minimum spend of 2000$ in our Presale! More entries = higher chances to win!